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  • We are lawyers and consultors that offer you legal and personal advice.
  • New forms of de managing the interests of our clients, both related to their companies as much as related to their health, their private life or their neighbors' community.
  • Efficient, quick and economic solutions. We promote the use of mediation and arbitration for the resolution of conflicts to avoid reaching trial.
  • We listen to your problems.
  • We manage them quickly ande we inform you punctiually about your business' progress.
  • We are constantly forming and updating ourselves, both in the legal and technology fields, to offer you the best service.
  • We search adecuate strategies for the new needs of present market.
  • An order-budget sheet is made according to the lawyers colleges' fee rules and adapted to the work to be performed.

Calle Navarro Villoslada nº 15 primero izquierda
Telephone number: 948 04 54 26
Mobile phone number: 610 92 35 11

appointment schedule: monday- thursday 9,30 a.m. to 1,30 p.m and 5,00 p.m. to 7,00 p.m.

friday 9,30 a.m. to 2,00 p.m.