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  About us
  • An efficient, well coordinated lawyer team, with wide formation and years of experience in civil and criminal laws.
  • We work in collaboration with professionals from other areas to provide our clients with the best technical and personal support.
  • Specialists in juvenile and family law cases and PIONEERS IN FAMILY MEDIATION IN NAVARRA.
  • We have psychologists and family orientators collaborating with our firm in family law cases if it requires their intervention or counseling.
  • We use the latest technologies for the development of our work and communication with our clients.
  • We also have solid knowledge in business, economy and teaching fields.
  • We wish to provide your company with all our experience, interest and education.
  • We will search the best solution to your problems, either personal or familiar.
  • To ensure our clients obtain the quickest, the most economic and discreet solution, we will, as much as possible, use arbitration or agreements to avoid you go to trial.
  • We will attend you immediately and we will send you punctual and frequent information referred to your case's progress.
  • Our prices are adjusted to the rules of Pamplona's Law School and the work we do.
  • We prepare a budget sheet so the client doesn't get surprised when recieving the bill.
  • We provide an agile service to companies so they can find in a single office all the professionals they may need.
Calle Navarro Villoslada nº 15 primero izquierda Pqamplona 31013
Telephone number: 948 04 54 26
Mobile phone number: 610 92 35 11

appointment schedule: monday- thursday 9,30 a.m. to 1,30 p.m and 5,00 p.m. to 7,00 p.m.

friday 9,30 a.m. to 2,00 p.m.